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Who ever said finding the right photographer was easy? You have to make sure you make a connection with your photographer. Meeting in person or via zoom is very important to find out if you're choosing the right one. There is more to choosing a photographer than pretty photos.  



I understand, investing in a photographer is a big commitment. I come with a lot of experience, and a lot of experience equals a lot of knowledge about weddings in general. Not only will you be paying for beautiful photos, you're paying for that experience as well. We will create a photo timeline for your day, and make sure we stick to that timeline. I strive in knowing that you're at ease and comfortable on your wedding day. I have photographed over 140 weddings since 2014. And that number keeps climbing. At approximately 25 weddings a year, you know you're in good hands <3



Each client gets my personal attention and my unique photography style. I have worked hard for many years to create a brand that fits my business inspirations. My wedding packages start at $1800.  Ranging from 6 hours to 12 hours with one or two photographers. All customizable to fit your budget or photography needs. Your images will be kept safe from the time I take the first photo. Having dual card cameras, my photos are being backed up from the start. I will also keep your photos stored and SD cards will not be deleted until I deliver your images to you. Even then, I keep them on a external hard drive forever. Or however long that external hard drive lasts. Because I know we are all not perfect, and for that I cannot put a limit to how long I hold onto your photos. Just in case ten years down the road you cannot find them, I'm hoping I will. 



Not only to do I thrive on making connections with my clients, I want to grow with you. When my previous clients add new additions to their family, they almost always contact me for those milestone photos. And I love growing with them! Listening, finding, and creating your photo dreams is also my top priority. I help you create a list of photos that are important to you. I am a loud laugher, genuine person who comes in a package full of beautiful photos and lots of wedding tricks and tips to get you through your day! I have 3 boys who are my world. My husband, who is my biggest supporter. I binge Friends way too much and LOVE fall. Anything Fall makes me feel pretty nostalgic. I edit to Friends episodes like 99% of the time. I can re-watch them a million times, and they never get old <3